Black Friday Deals for Photographers and Creatives 2018

Anyone else overwhelmed with the amount of Black Friday ads yet?! If you’re a photographer or creative I’ve created a list of all my favorite Black Friday deals. That being said, it can be easy to get swept up in the hype and feel like you need to buy everything.

Whenever I’m buying something for my business I think about the following things first: 

1. Is this purchase going to move the ship forward? If I buy that course/gadget/program is it going to have a clear positive impact on my business? What positive return will I get from this purchase?

2. Does it solve a problem I’m having? If you’re struggling with lighting a course on lighting specific to what you’re trying to learn would be helpful. If your client communication is disorganized a good CRM would improve their experience.  

 (I’ll be updating this list as I find new deals. Some of the names don’t have links because their deals aren’t released yet or I haven’t found them) 

Client Management Systems

HONEYBOOK- 50% off your first year which works out to $200 (Disclaimer: I use Honeybook and this is my referral link)

Dubsado- The CRM I would use if I didn’t have Honeybook. On sale until November 27th no code needed. $25/month or $250/ year (Regular $30/month or $300/year)

Shootproof- 40% off. Shootproof is a great all in one CRM. They have photo-proofing, contracts, and client communication all in one system.

Gear Bags


Photography Courses

JUSTIN & MARY- Discounts on the lighting, posing, editing and business course and monochrome presets

AMY & JORDAN- $200 off courses, 45% off style guides, 50% off templates,

Katelyn James

Hope Taylor

LAURA FOOTE- Laura has a sale on her shoot in manual course, one hour work flow, and coaching calls.



NOBLE- 30% off

MASTIN- 25% off


Products and Prints

Artsy Couture- 40% off products until Nov 25

Artifact Uprising






PIC-TIME- My personal gallery delivery platform. 15% off yearly plans

PIXELLU- Smart albums and smart slides. 40% off

Stock Photos

SC Stock Shop - 40% off with code FALL40. The SC Stock Shop is the gold standard for stock photos

Social Squares

PIXISTOCK- 40% off and lifetime access


JANA BISHOP - Styled stock and presets

Website Templates

GOLIVE HQ- 50% off Showit and Squarespace templates


MEGAN MARTIN- 30% off showit templates. Megan’s work is so unique and beautiful, her websites are thoughtfully designed to be easy to use and to convert!



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