7 Game Changers in my Photography Business

Let me start by saying I’m not fond of the term “game changer.” I don’t think there’s one program or preset that will fix every problem in your business and instantly make you 6 figures. There’s a lot of trial and error in business but these are the 7 things that have positively influenced my business.

Honeybook (1).jpg

    Honeybook keeps all of my client communication organized and I love that you can integrate it with Calendly, Quickbooks, and even Facebook ads! I can send contracts, get paid, and make sure I follow up with leads. My other favorite features are the brochures (no design experience needed) that detail my packages and pricing, questionnaires that allow me to get to know my clients and what they’re looking for, and contact forms that I embed right on my website. I also have the app on my phone which notifies me as soon as I receive an inquiry.

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    I struggled with my editing for the longest time. I don’t consider myself an artist by nature and I would get so frustrated trying to figure out how to make my photos look “good” or like other photographers I admired. I only started to love my work when I found Kindred Presets. I mainly use the essential low contrast preset and occasionally the technical preset. While you don’t have to get the same preset as me I would highly recommend finding one you love and using that as a base to discover your own style.


    Who here loves culling? That’s right, no one. Before I got photomechanic I would cull in Lightroom and it would take FOREVER. Now I can cull a portrait session in 5 minutes and I don’t dread editing!


    I tried out a few other website hosting platforms but ultimately fell in love with Squarespace. It’s so easy to use and customize plus there’s a lot of beautiful templates for sale if you don’t like the free Squarespace ones.


    It sounds boring but organizing my finances and seeing what I was spending in my business gave me the confidence to raise my prices.


    There are a lot of great gallery delivery platforms but I switched to Pictime because of their built in online store. Clients can see how their products will look and you can even design albums right within their platform!


    There are A LOT of educational resources out there. It seems like everyone has a course, a preset, or a digital download that will change your life. That being said I think continuing your education should be a lifelong process and there are excellent resources out there, you just have to hunt for them. I would recommend identifying one or two areas of your business you would like to improve and then doing some research on your options.

    Here are some of my favorites and the areas they cover:

    Katelyn James: Katelyn is the gold standard for wedding photographer education. She is simply the best at everything she does. She has a course on Lighting & Locations, Posing, and Consistency as well as a membership to monthly behind the scenes videos that follow her to weddings and photo shoots.

    Samantha Grant: Sam is a photographer and also a Facebook Ad wizard. I’ve read a lot of tutorials on Facebook ads but they never really made sense until I found Sam. She also has a Facebook group for photographers and wedding professionals as well as 1-1 trainings and self taught courses. 

    Amy & Jordan: I have their Shooting and Editing course as well as their Posing course. They’re wedding photographers and former teachers so all of their courses are well thought out and clearly presented.

    Megan Martin: In addition to beautiful website templates she’s also a brilliant marketer. She puts out monthly free guides that are jam packed full of wisdom! If a custom website isn’t in the cards for you she also has a course on making sure your current website converts.

    Laura Foote: If you’re just starting out in photography or just want to learn how to take better photos I highly recommend Laura’s shoot in manual course! She teaches virtually so you don’t need to leave your house. (Unless she sends you outside to take a photo) If you have a photography business and want to learn how to edit faster and streamline your workflow she also has a 1 hour workflow course.