How to Use Style & Select to Plan Family Photo Outfits

I recently discovered the wonderful service that is Style & Select. It’s a website that allows you to coordinate outfits for family photos. You simply fill out the questionnaire about your family and it suggests clothing for you. You can mix and match and see how everything looks together. Best of all you can email your selections to yourself (your photographer also gets a copy) and purchase items right through the site.

The website is free to use for clients with an access code and photographers pay a monthly or yearly fee to use the service.

SS blog image 1.png

Photo clients can click on start styling to create outfits

SS blog image 2.png

Enter the access code your photographer gave you

SS blog image 3.png

Select ages and sizes for each family member

SS blog image 4.png

Choose your style and colors. The color squares are really bright but the suggested clothing is muted with lots of neutrals mixed in

SS blog image 5.png
SS blog image 6.png
SS blog image 7.png
SS blog image 8.png
SS blog image 9.png
SS blog image 10.png

The final sections! It took me less than 5 minutes to create this and I love that you can see all the items together. I always recommend choosing clothing that coordinates but doesn’t match. Style and Select makes it so easy!