Public Safety Photos 2018 | Goddard State Park RI

The 3rd annual free photos for public safety families at Goddard Park in East Greenwich, RI was a great success! Kate Taylor of Polar Square Designs organizes the event and it remains my favorite event of the year. It's so wonderful to give these families photos of their officer in uniform and the kids are so fun fun to work with.

Here are some favorites from the day, thank you to everyone who came out!


Let's take a moment and appreciate all the work this momma did in selecting outfits! It's not easy to get everyone coordinating and she nailed it!


This little cutie had so much personality and loved playing with her daddy's hat.


I loved this girl's tiara and navy blue looks amazing with her beautiful hair!


I had two families with 4 kids this year! The kids all did great and I love getting individual shots of them with their dad.


We had a lot of patriotic outfits, this sweet girl rocked her red, white, and blue dress and had the best personality!


This sweet little baby girl was so good for her photos! 


Thank you again to all the families that came out and to Kate Taylor for organizing the event! If you're intersted in participating next year, follow Kate on facebook at Polar Square Designs. 

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