Public Safety Photos 2018 | Framingham, MA

The first annual Free Photos for Public Safety Families in Framingham was a success! We had so many wonderful families participate (some with tiny little babies!) 

I also wanted to give Kayla Herrick of Bright Lights Imagery a big thanks for shooting with me all day and we even had The Metrowest Daily news hang out with us! (There's a video of me making weird faces if you're interested ;)

Public_safety_family_photos_framingham_erica_pezente_photography (4).jpg

This sweet family came to the photos event in Rhode Island last year with some big news to share! The came to the Framingham event this year with the cutest little baby girl!

Public_safety_family_photos_framingham_erica_pezente_photography (5).jpg

My favorite part of photography is seeing families grow and creating treasures for the kids to look back on. 

Public_safety_family_photos_framingham_erica_pezente_photography (6).jpg
Public_safety_family_photos_framingham_erica_pezente_photography (3).jpg

I went to high school with Kate and I see her husband at the hospital all the time! It was so nice to catch up with her and meet her adorable little boy! <3

Public_safety_family_photos_framingham_erica_pezente_photography (1).jpg

There's nothing cuter than a kid wearing dad's hat!!

Thank you again to all the families that came out this year. And for everyone that couldn't make it we'll be doing them again in 2019! 

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