How to Propose: 7 tips for a Successful Marriage Proposal

Happy proposal season! If it seems like everyone on Facebook is getting engaged that's because we are currently in prime proposal season. The joy & festivities of the holidays puts guys in the mood to get down on one knee. If you're thinking the time is right to ask the question, here are my top 7 tips for getting a yes. 


1. Talk about marriage before hand. It may sound romantic to propose out of the blue but it's not much fun once you get married and you discover only one of you wants kids. Talk about children, jobs, where you want to live, your roles in a marriage. Talk about it a lot, this is the biggest commitment you will ever make (besides kids). Make sure you're on the same page before you even consider proposing.  

2. Know her personality. Is she an extrovert who would love a public proposal? Is it important to have family and friends in attendance? Is she a private person who would prefer just the two of you? Set up a proposal where she'll be comfortable and happy. A shy introvert probably won't appreciate a jumbo-tron proposal and a city girl might not like a mountain hike proposal. Make it personal. Show her that you listen and care about the things that are important to her. 

3. Ask her parents for their blessing. If she has a good relationship with her parents tell them you intend to propose to their daughter and would love their blessing. You're not asking for permission, she's her own person, but rather showing respect to her family. 

4. Select a location that has meaning to you. Think of where you had your first date, her favorite place, or somewhere with happy family memories.  The proposal should match your relationship, chose a place you would normally go. 

5. Outfit check. Make sure she’s wearing something location appropriate and wouldn't mind having her photo taken. If she's happy in a T shirt and jeans that's fine but if she gets dolled up to go to Target take that into consideration. Tell her you’re going out to dinner at a nice restaurant or that you want to plan a day trip to her favorite location. 

6. Hire a photographer/videographer. She won’t remember exactly what happened or what you said. Having someone hiding in the bushes to document the moment will help bring back the memory. And she'll have something amazing to post on Facebook!

7. Prepare what you're going to say. You don't have to write out a speech but tell her why you love her and what saying yes would mean to you. Make sure you get down on one knee and the ring goes on the left hand ;) 

Bonus tip: Just ask! If she's the one for you she'll just be happy you asked, no matter how you do it. 

So there you have it! There's nothing left to do but pick out a ring and work up the courage. Best of luck and I hope she says yes!