Wellesley Family Photos | The Keating Family

Here are some favorites from Finn's one year photo session at Wellesley College! They were referred to me by my cousin and we had so much fun wandering the Wellesley campus. Finn was such a sweetie and I love his light red hair and bright blue eyes! 

Arnold Arboretum Family Photo Session | Michal

It's always an honor when another photographer asks me to take photos for them! Michal is also a family photographer and we had so much fun at Arnold Arboretum. She knew exactly where to find good light and her kids were naturals in front of the camera! 

Wellesley Family Photos & Cake Smash | Jaclyn

Baby O had his one year photos and cake smash at Wellesley College a few weeks ago. He wasn't so sure about the family photo part but once the cake came out he started DANCING in his seat! I've never seen a baby so excited about cake but I can definitely relate to him!

What struck me most about this family is how well Jaclyn and Doug work as a team. I could tell how much they care about each other and I loved seeing their complete joy at everything little O did!

Wellesley Family Mini Session | Odetta

This wonderful family nailed the outfit game at their Wellesley family photo session! Even Cujo the dog participated, he was quite enthusiastic about family photos! 

I love how quick and easy mini sessions are for my clients. They're a low stress way to get updated family photos and the kids have fun with it too. 

Wellesley Family Photos | Jeff & Melissa

When planning a photo session, 99% of the time it's the mom's that reach out to me. So I was pleasantly surprised when Jeff contacted me to schedule a photo shoot! We planned to shoot at Wellesley College and luckily we still had some beautiful foliage. 

The kids definitely stole the show, Mr. A is a born comedian and Miss A was willing to take photos anywhere. They made our shoot so much fun, I loved exploring the campus with them!  

Wellesley College Fall Mini Photos | Jenni

This was my last mini session of the day at Wellesley College and the light was fading fast. I found this spot by the lake where the sun was still coming through and it had gorgeous foliage! I love getting to know a little bit about my families during the session and I found out that both mom and dad are in school! Their son was smart and funny although he thought the dog jumping into the water was more intersting than me! (he's right, it was a cute dog)  

Wellesley College Fall Mini Photos | Miriam

Yesterday I held my second annual fall mini photo sessions at Wellesley College! This family was perfectly dressed and super sweet. Mom wanted some yellow foliage and ran all over campus to find this one perfect yellow tree. 

Wellesley College Fall Family Photos | Ada

Here's a few photos from my lovely friend Ada's family shoot last fall at Wellesley College! I'm scoping out locations for this year's fall mini sessions and I think the college might be the winner. It has gorgeous foliage, amazing architecture, and those iconic lampposts! 


Wellesley College One Year Photo Session | Teddy

I'm getting a little suspicious... all of my clients are drop dead gorgeous with great personalities. I must've done something spectacular in a past life or maybe my chakras are in order because I keep meeting the most amazing people! I recently met this fun little family at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA for a one year photo session. Teddy has piercing baby blue eyes and is really excited about his standing skills. And I will never get tired of shooting in the old stone arches and beautiful architecture. 


Woodland boho cake smash | Natick, MA

This cute little family was a referral from another client whom I LOVE so I was excited to work with them! They have the perfect patio overlooking a lake and the soft evening light made for the best shooting conditions! Mom wanted a woodland/boho cake smash and she nailed it with the teepee and an amazing cake from Liz at The Sleepy Baker. (Check out her specialty cakes, they're unbelievable)

Their enthusiastic English Bulldog Winnie also made a guest appearance! I think baby H loved the cake stand the most. He kept picking it up (it's heavy!) and trying to play with it. Here are a few favorites from this sweet family!

Obear Park, Beverly,MA | Family Photos

I love taking photos for family, especially cousins that I don't get to see too often! I recently got to hang out with my little cousins at Obear Park in Beverly, MA. Their momma always chooses the best locations. The beach has a little sandbar that we walked out on and if you jumped on the sand clams would squirt out water! 

Afterwards we did a cake smash for my littlest cousin. He was so intent on his frosting until he was completely over the session!  

Public Safety Family Photos at Goddard Park, RI

I recently participated in an event that provided free photos for public safety officers. This was my second year participating and it was amazing! Kate Taylor from Polar Square Designs organized the event and everything went off with military precision. 15 other photographers and myself did 10 minute mini sessions for 150 families! 

It was so much fun to see the officers all dressed up with their children, many of the families remarked that they NEVER HAD FAMILY PHOTOS DONE BEFORE!! All my families were sweet and appreciative, one of the moms even gave me a card! 

Here are a few images from the event,