The first rule of family sessions is that you must not stress about them. Small children are unpredictable, we know that and we just go with the flow. This is also why we prefer images where your family is interacting vs smiling at the camera! We will guide you through the whole session to help you feel as natural as possible. 

Our Portrait sessions last about 1 hour and take place in a location of your choice. We offer both outdoor sessions and indoor home studio sessions

Outdoor portraits are best taken in the 2 hours before the sun sets, also known as the “Golden Hour” At this time the light is beautiful and soft, adding a warm glowy feel to your portraits. 

We take your portraits with the end result in mind. What do you want to do with your portraits? Do you want digital files for sharing, a cluster of canvases over the sofa, or a keepsake album for your grandchildren to enjoy? Having a basic idea of how you want to enjoy your photos will determine how we shoot your session. 

After the session we will help you pick out the best prints and products to display your portraits. We also understand the importance and value of digital files. We want you to be able share your images online as well. You can certainly print your images on your own but trust us, it's easier to have someone else figure out print sizing and album design! This service is included at no additional cost. . 

Now for the fun part, choosing your outfits! We strongly believe that the wardrobe can make or break a session and the clothing you chose can completely decide the feel of the images. We like texture, layers, and accessories to make your images pop. We will send you a style guide for your session and help you put together a cohesive look.